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How to recycle food waste

Please visit this page to find out more about what happens to your recycled food waste.

Food Waste Bins

Food waste bins in the University Campus

In order to comply with Waste Scotland regulations, the University of St Andrews recycles all of its food waste from student catered halls, retail

Recycle your food waste in these specially marked green bins.

outlets and delivered catering. Food waste collections can be easily recognised by their special green bins (see below).

Since January 2014, our remaining food waste is collected by Binnwaste and recycled at an anaerobic digestor plant located in Glenfarg at the edge of Fife where it is made into biogas, biofertiliser and nutrient-rich compost. Learn more about this fascinating recycling process in our article, "What happens to our food waste?".

‌Please remember to follow these guidelines when recycling food waste:‌

Plate scrappings‌ ‌Glass

Skins & cores
Plastic bottles

Teabags (including sachets)
Condiment sachets Newspaper

Salt & pepper sachets

Used jam/butter portions

Food waste bins at Home

Some residences in St. Andrews have a four bin system. If your residence does have a four bin system, the brown bin is used for food and garden waste. More information about the food and garden waste bin can be found in the Fife's council website.

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