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The University of St Andrews highly encourages students to take proper care of bicycles on campus, including disposal when leaving town and appropriate storage over the summer months.

Bikes that students leave at the end of their time at St Andrews are most often still in decent working order. However, bikes get very damaged when unattended in the elements. To help close the cycle and keep your bike well loved and on the road, please follow one of the following options for passing on your wheels:

Donating or Selling Your Bike

Donations can be made to the following groups

Bike Pool

A local project run by Transition University of St Andrews that refurbishes abandoned/donated bicycles so that they can be put back into the local community through a bicycle hire scheme. Please see their website ( and/or Facebook group ( for further details.

StAnd Re-Use

St AndRe-Use collects and redistributes items within the St Andrews Community.The major collections usually occur at the end of each term in Halls of Residences and one or two other University locations. Look out for information on the St AndRe-Use facebook group ( for details.

Bikeworks, Glenrothes

A charitable project giving old/abandoned bikes a new lease of life. Please see:

Abandoned/unwanted bikes

To keep the University of St Andrews looking beautiful, the University has introduced new rules for bike parking around the campus. These apply whenever a bike is left on University property.

  1. Parking Attendants survey all University cycle facilities every two weeks.
  2. They record, tag and photograph suspected abandoned bikes.
  3. If you see your bike mis-tagged as abandoned, simply removed the tag and continue as normal. 
  4. At the next fortnightly inspection, Parking Attendants will record and arrange uplift of bikes that are still tagged. 
  5. Estates will keep computer records of all uplifted bikes.
  6. Bikes will be kept for two months and then recycled.

If you suspect your bike may have been tagged as abandoned and uplifted, please contact the Estates Department who can check our Abandoned Bike Register on 01334 463999, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.


Read the complete regulations to see an example of a bike tag.

  • The University have an Policy for University Cycle Parking Regulations 2009 (PDF, 74 KB) to address the issue of abandoned bicycles on campus and to ensure that the facilities that are currently provided are being used efficiently before new ones are installed.
  • A new set of procedures have been drafted, backed up by a set of Cycle Parking Regulations 2009 (PDF, 369 KB) which are displayed at all University Cycle Parking Facilities.

[Separate arrangements for Residences will apply, please speak to your Residential Service Manager for further information.]

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