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Environment and Sustainability aspects are managed by a range of working groups co-ordinated by the Environment Team.

The Sustainability Development Working Group (SDWG), chaired by the Quaestor and Factor, is the lead group responsible for delivery of the University's Sustainability Strategy and overall Environment and Sustainability compliance and governance. The SDWG reports to the University's Planning and Resources Committee.

SDWG meeting minutes:

SDWG 5/03/18 Meeting (PDF, 1,237 KB)

SDWG 22/01/18 Meeting (PDF, 87 KB)

SDWG 23/10/17 Meeting (PDF, 3,927 KB)

SDWG 26/06/17 Meeting (PDF, 4,713 KB)

SDWG 28/04/17 Meeting (PDF, 1,523 KB)

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Environment and Sustainable Development


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