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Environmental Facilitator Training

Are you passionate about the environment? Would you like to drive positive change in your workplace? If so, the Environment Team wants to hear from you! The Environment Team and CAPOD are currently looking for more staff volunteers to be Environmental Facilitators for their building, Unit or School. The University is aiming to become carbon neutral for energy and achieve zero waste status by 2020 and each Facilitator will play a crucial part in achieving these aims.

What will I have to do?

All our Environmental Facilitators undertake a compulsory training, which will cover all the essential information and skills that are required for the role. Once you have completed the training you will be expected to exercise the skills and knowledge you acquired through your training in your place of work by engaging with your colleagues, promoting sustainable behaviours and finding innovative ways to make your department more sustainable! In addition, you will be invited to attend regular exciting networking events for all our Environmental Facilitators which will provide an opportunity for updates, sharing case studies and joint problem solving.

To sign up to become an Environmental Facilitator, please complete this form environmental facilitator application form (Word, 20 KB). You will need the approval of your line manager, to undertake the training and activities outlined above. For informal enquiries, please contact

Environmental Facilitators group photo

Upcoming Environmental Facilitator Networking Events:


Past Environmental Facilitator Networking Events:

30th May 2016: New Environmental Facilitator Training and Go St Andrews Launch Event

Over lunch we discussed the newly updated Environmental Facilitator Training Programme which is now all online in the format of 9 videos and interactive quizzes. We were delighted to welcome Lara Fahey, Sustainable Transport Officer, to deliver a presentation on Go St Andrews, a hub for sustainable transport in and around St Andrews. The event was engaging and informative, with good discussion based on the future of transport in St Andrews and recieveing feedback from our current Environmental Facilitators. 

27th Feburary - 12th March 2017: Fairtrade Fortnight

A two week period celebrating Fairtrade across town and gown. This year over 350 people were engaged and involved in 14 events across St Andrews. Please follow Fairtrade in St Andrews on Facebook:

26th January 2017: Tour of Eden Campus

Over a networking lunch the Carbon Management Plan was discussed with the idea of gaining insight into each department and how they are included within the report. Following lunch, the Environmental Facilitators will be given a tour of the Eden Campus' newly installed Biomass Energy Centre which will provide heating to numerous buildings across our campus.

27th October 2016: E Cars and E Bikes

Presentations were given to the new Environmental Facilitators who had successfully completed their training. Speakers came from E Car Club and Electric Bike Scotland to discuss the potential of sustainable transport options worldwide and specific to St Andrews. The facilitators were invited to try out some electric bikes after the presentations had finished.

Environmental Facilitators Network:

If you would like to get in touch with your nearest Environmental Facilitator to know what's going on in your unit/department please find the details below:

School/Unit Contact name Telephone number Email address
Art History Mary Kettle 01334 462414
Biology Donna Pierz-Fennell 01334 463626
Biology Gkikopoulou Kalliopi-Charitomeni
Biology Lucia Martin Lopez
CAPOD Heather McKiggan-Fee 01334 462334
Careers Centre Pamela Andrew 01334 461643
Chaplaincy Tracy Niven 01334 462368
Classics Carol Wright 01334 462600
Computer Science Alex Bain 01334 463242
Computer Science David Letham 01334 463234
Earth & Environmental Science Heidi Burdett 01334 464948
Economics & Finance/International Relations Bram Boskamp 01334 462426
International Education Institute Kerry Tavakoli 01334 462645
Estates - Cleaners Deborah Shearer
Geography & Geosciences Helen Olaez 01334 462894

IT Services

Swithun Crowe 01334 462786

IT Services

Nicola Heddleston 01334 462755
Lean Fin Miller 01334 462784
Lean Mark Robinson 01334 461780
Management Rhona McLaren
Management Shona Russell 01334 462807
Mathematics & Statistics Valerie Sturrock 01334 463744
Medicine Henry Rae 01334 463589
Modern Languages Maureen Lovatt 01334 462961
Modern Languages Diana Donaldson 01334 463610
Philosophy Derek Ball 01334 461795
Philosophy Lynn Hynd 01334 461779
Physics & Astronomy Stephen King 01334 467309/3191
Principal's Office Julia Griffiths 01334 462553
Principal's Office Laura Bates 01334 464141/2345
Procurement Alain Léger 01334 462523
Psychology Brian Kirk 01334 462078
RBS - Accommodation Services Alix Harvey 01334 462522
RBS - Agnes Blackadder Hall Jacqueline Smith 01334 467004
RBS - Agnes Blackadder Hall Lesley Schusler 01334 467006
RBS - Albany Park Cilla Galloway 01334 467097
RBS - Catering Anna Fettes 01334 467010
RBS - Catering Mark Nixon 01334 467015
RBS - David Russell Apartments Carole Donaldson 01334 467100
RBS - David Russell Apartments Deborah Anderson 01334 467105
RBS - David Russell Apartments Jane Steven 01334 467123
RBS - Deans Court Lisa Hegg 01334 467159
RBS - John Burnet Hall Lesley Wilson 01334 467021
RBS - McIntosh Hall Evelyn Parker 01334 467035
RBS - Operations Sarah Pay 01334 463012

RBS - St Salvators Hall

Mark Sherriff 01334 467149

RBS - St Salvators Hall

Graham Ellery
RBS - University Hall Sandra Cuthbertson 01334 467390
Sport & Exercise Karen Caldwell 01334 462180
Student Services Dawn Ritchie 01334 462720

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