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Green Raisin Competition with Blown Away

Your Environment Team has developed a guideline for constructing environmentally friendly and safe Raisin receipts and costumes to keep Raisin a truly sustainable tradition.

In appreciation for following these guidelines we will be giving away a prize (see above) for the most environmentally friendly and creative Raisin receipt and costume


How do I join the competition?

Post a picture of you and your academic parents with your receipt & costume on our Facebook page, or tweet it @EnvironmentStA or via email at Include a brief description of how it was made and why it is environmentally friendly. We look forward to seeing your creative ideas!

How do I design a “green” Raisin receipt/costume?


REUSE unwanted materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, or old clothes.

Design SMALLER receipts that are not overly heavy and take up large amounts of space (eg avoid bicycles and mattresses).

Use materials that are EASILY RECYCLABLE such as paper and cardboard, plastics, wood, and textiles.


Buying large amounts of NEW materials which will end up in the skip after one day.

Using HIGH VALUE items such as electronic equipment.

Using FOOD products as they are messy to recycle.

Do not

Use DEAD animal carcasses as these will be confiscated (see below).

Use GLASS as this can be hazardous.

Use STOLEN materials (this includes waste taken from skips) as you can face police and/or academic discipline (see below)


Please also keep in mind the follow rules for Raisin receipts and costumes:

Rules for receipts

  • No electrical goods.
  • No livestock (dead or alive).
  • No furniture.
  • Nothing too big. Remember this is based on Raisins. Raisins are not big. We have to try to stop filling up landfills so think creatively, artistically, be original and think about the environment.

If you disregard the above you’ll be turned away, miss the foam fight, and will be charged for the cost of disposal of your inappropriate item.

Rules for costumes and props

Due to logistical reasons, you will be required to remove parts of your costume that are not integral before you enter the quad so anything that you are carrying (apart from your shaving foam) including, but not limited to, cardboard, hats, props, and very bulky or pointy items will be removed and recycled. Therefore, please be aware we are unable to keep or return items.

Please remember to wear appropriate clothing underneath as October in Scotland can be very cold and wet. Academic parents, please be aware of this and design accordingly.

We also know that you all put a lot of effort in to your costumes so please make sure you take photographs to enter the competition before join the procession.


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