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October 2013

The Reporter has just recently given approval to the Kenly Windfarm application! We are absolutely delighted and will be updating this page with further news. Details of the approval can be found here Kenly decision letter (PDF, 148 KB)

June 2013

The University has submitted its final response to the Appeal Reporter’s request for further information on Kenly Wind Farm  SNH June 2013 (PDF, 104 KB)

The Reporter has confirmed that he is working to issue a decision by the end of June.

There have been no statutory consultee objections to Kenly.

Roddy Yarr, the University’s Environment and Energy Manager, explains the vision and the benefits that drive the project forward.

“Kenly will reduce our carbon emissions by 19,000 tonnes per annum, helping us to achieve our goal of becoming carbon neutral for energy by 2016. The wind farm will generate an inward investment of more than £20M and a community benefit of £1.2M over the life of the project. It will provide local construction and maintenance jobs and help secure jobs at the University.

“The University is also developing a low carbon energy centre at Guardbridge that will provide heat from locally sourced and sustainable biomass, solar thermal and ground sources for the North Haugh buildings and save 12,000 tonnes of carbon. These two projects are visionary and proof that we understand our responsibilities with respect to climate change and the sustainable supply and management of energy costs.

“There have been no statutory consultee objections to Kenly. It is our contention that based on the results of our Environmental Impact Assessment, Kenly complies with the Development Plan and is aligned with UK and Scottish Government energy policy. The development of a wind farm that directly powers world leading research and teaching at this University will be a step change towards protecting the institution from escalating fossil fuel prices. On this scale, it will be a first in the UK higher education sector.”

March 2013

The Universities Planning Appeal to the Scottish Government to make a decision regarding the development of a wind farm at Kenly is now in its final stages.

The appointed reporter from Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) is carrying out a series of accompanied and unaccompanied site inspections, further details can be found in the attached document Kenly Windfarm Appeal (PDF, 68 KB).

The Planning Appeal documentation can be found here

A summary of the plans is also provided below:


News articles

Kenly Wind Farm Environmental Statement - May 2011

Non Technical Summary (PDF, 2,998 KB)‌ 

St Andrews praised for energy saving initiatives

The University of St Andrews has been praised for "exemplary achievement" in energy saving initiatives.

Landscape assessment update

An update on the landscape and visual impact assessment process by Keith Horner of horner + maclennan is available Kenly Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Presentation. (PDF, 17,000 KB)‌ 

These slides were part of a presentation given to the 31 January 2011 Kenly Project Board. The purpose of the presentation was to update the project board on the work being carried out to assess the landscape and visual impact of the proposal to install 6 x 2MW wind turbines at Upper Kenly.  The landscape consultant, Keith Horner took the project board through the previous wind turbine design iterations that were presented to the community in June and explained how he had approached the creation of a new layout that takes account of the guidelines laid down by Scottish Natural Heritage and Fife Council as well as the constraints of other statutory and non-statutory bodies such as Historic Scotland or mobile phone operators.  The final few slides outline viewpoints with photomontages and ‘wireline’ images that illustrate the layout of the proposed turbines.  Photomontages from Boarhills and Kingsbarns are presented.

EIA Scoping Opinion documents

Feedback on Open Meeting Questionnaires

The results of the questionnaires that the visitors to the Open Meetings held in Kingsbarns and Boarhills on 21 and 22 June have now been collated and are available here. The questionnaire was carried out by a student studying for an MSc in Sustainable Development. 

Kenly Questionaire Results Summary Table (PDF, 25 KB)

Kenly Project Board

The Project Board exists to ensure that the proposed windfarm at Kenly is managed effectively.

The group consists of representatives from the University and in August 2009, several local community representatives drawn from both Community Council areas at Boarhills and Dunino and from Kingsbarns joined the Project Board to more easily enable a two-way flow of information between the University and the community.  The minutes of the Project Board are available at the following link.

Frost Free

The University enlisted the help of a group called Frost Free to assist in our discussions with people in the area. It is important to us that ALL local residents and households have the opportunity to ask questions and express their views, and, if they wish, become closely involved in the planning and development of any wind power resource on this site.

Frost-Free grew out of the experiences of Fintry Renewable Energy Enterprise (FREE) in the Stirlingshire village of Fintry.  This successful project has secured revenue from the nearby windfarm developer and this is now invested in their "own Development Trust.

FREE successfully negotiated with the developer of a local windfarm for an extra turbine to be added for the community. The windfarm has recently begun operations and for the next 20-25 years, the village development trust will benefit from the sale of electricity from the additional turbine.

More information about Frost Free.


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