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Kenly windfarm

The University has planning permission to build a wind farm consisting of 6nr wind turbines at Kenly capable of generating 12.3MW of electricity saving over 9,000 tCO2e per year.
A strict condition of that permission is that construction of wind turbines can only start once agreement has been reached with the Ministry of Defence over a solution to ensure the turbines do not interfere with the radar systems at the former RAF air station at Leuchars.
Despite numerous, repeated and high-level attempts by the University to explore solutions, the MoD has consistently declined to engage and refuses to negotiate to find a way forward.
We will continue to seek a solution with the MoD with the aim of commencing construction at Kenly, as a central initiative in St Andrews’ response to the climate crisis.

Some of the impacts of this project include:

  • Direct and indirect investment in Fife -GDP benefit of £7.1M for Fife and £0.6M to the East Neuk.
  • Job creation during construction and maintenance
  • Community benefit fund
  • Helps achieve Scotland’s objective of having 100% of renewable electricity by 2020
  • Means University complies with its duty under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009
  • Secures energy pricing into the future
  • University will be self sufficient for electrical energy

    If you would like more information on the progress of the Kenly Wind farm project so far, you could visit this webpage.

Location of Kenly Wind Farm

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