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Interhall Environment Competition

What is it?

The Interhall Environment Competition is a joint venture by the Residential & Business Services, Estates Environment Team and Transition University of St Andrews. Students and staff work together to reduce the environmental impact of student accommodation, supporting the University’s commitment to be sustainable and carbon neutral in energy.

What has changed?

The competition used to focus solely on energy. However, in 2019-2020 the scope of the competition has diversified to include energy, food waste, dry mixed recycling, hall balls, fostering community, and raising awareness. 


How does it work?

At the start of the academic year, each hall recruits a Hall Environment Rep to help galvanise activity. Points are then awarded to halls for their efforts in each of the target components. The point grading is as follows:

  • Reducing energy consumption (50 pts per month)
  • Reducing plate food waste in dining halls (20 pts per month)
  • Increasing dry mixed recycling rates against landfill weights (20 pts per month)
  • Greening the annual hall ball (50 pts per year)
  • Supporting community projects (5 pts per piece of evidence)
  •  Raising awareness and engagement (5 pts per piece of evidence)

The hall that scores the highest each month wins £150 towards their hall committee funds, to be spent on sustainability-related events and projects. There are more prizes for each semester’s winners, too!

How do I help my hall win?

Your Hall Environment Rep will be able to point out ways you can make the most different in your particular hall. Don't forget to:

  • Check your progress by viewing your Hall’s energy consumption on Systemslink
    (log in as and password of interhall)
  • Check out the results on our Facebook Page
  • If you have any ideas on how your hall can reduce their energy usage and waste then chat to your Environment Reps! The more ideas the better so far this academic year we've seen:
  1. Sustainable Selfie Competition
  2. Lights out parties
  3. Quizzes
  4. Hibernation stations
  5. Hall garden work
  6. Fairtrade smoothie giveaways               

Who are the Environment Reps?

Hall of Residence Environment Rep(s)
Agnes Blackadder Hall John Jennings
Andrew Melville Hall Elena Ewence; George Baldry
Dean's Court and Annexes Claire Barnes; Sadbh Kellet 
DRA and Fife Park John Floersheimer; Yufei Tang; Eden Igwe
John Burnett Hall Alisz Reed; Yasemin Cag
McIntosh Hall Millie Sutton; Grace Brady
St Salvators Hall Deming Rohlfs
St Regulus Hall William Dashe
University Hall Anneleen De Ruiter; Hannah Vanderstappen

 If you are an internal University member, you can use the University email directory to get in touch with your Hall Environment Rep. For external persons who would like to be in touch about the Interhall Environment Competition, please contact:


Environment and Sustainable Development


Blog: Environment Team News

Facebook: EnvironmentStA

Twitter: @EnvironmentStA