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This page provides resources on the work the University is doing to survey and protect local biodiversity and wildlife on the University grounds.‌

Biodiversity Reports

Biodiversity Engagement (PDF, 1,398 KB)

Albany Park Biodiversity Enhancement (PDF, 1,143 KB)

Fife Local Biodiversity Action Plan (PDF, 4,641 KB)

Student-led biodiversity surveys

This year student volunteers led multiple biodiversity surveys around the University using the Biodiversity Index online reporting tool. Students found some wonderful local wildlife including bumblebees, slugs, snails, centipedes and millipedes, solitary wasps, spiders, ladybirds, thistles, red-legged partridges, blackbirds, woodpigeons, dunnocks, blue tits, pheasants, robins, buzzards, mute swans, rabbits, mallards, magpies, carrion crows, jackdaws, starlings, grey herons, rooks, moorhens and more!

View their reports below:

Additional surveys

The following documents provide additional information on recent professional biodiversity surveys conducted on the University's grounds:‌

Environment and Sustainable Development


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