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The AHRC Centre for Environmental History (2002-06) did much to establish Environmental History as a distinctive subject nationally and internationally. Through its editorial management of Environment and History and its numerous conferences and workshops, the Centre asserted its leadership role. In its research, the Centre’s active collaboration between historians, geographers, sociologists, and environmental scientists produced an impressive array of academic and popular publications, including John Scanlan’s On Garbage (2005). In addition, public talks and media presentations emphasized the importance of a historical perspective for a proper appreciation of urgent environmental issues. In this respect, the Centre engaged in significant research on the history of ‘waste’ through an examination of municipal waste management and the loss of a domestic culture of re-use and recycling, and incineration and the growth of a ‘refuse revolution’. Moreover, the legacy of past processes on current resources has been well illustrated by a project which demonstrated the effect of waste disposal from burghs in the 16th to 19th centuries. Similarly, another project combined environmental and cultural history with environmental economics to investigate the effects that awareness of past landscapes can have on current preferences; and a comparative study of transhumance in Scotland and Spain demonstrated the complexity of the component processes which underwent gradual cultural evolution.

Members of the AHRC Centre at the University of St Andrews included Associate Director, John F.M. Clark (History, University of St Andrews), John Scanlan (now Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University), Tim Cooper (now Lecturer in Modern History, University of Exeter), and Mark Riley (now Lecturer in Geography, University of Portsmouth).

Selected Publications and Papers:

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"a group that has seized the initiative in advancing the cause of environmental history in the UK"

BBC History Magazine, July 2001

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