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Andrew Lang Lecture

On 1 November 2012, the distinguished American author of fairy stories and children's books Jane Yolen gave the twenty-second Andrew Lang Lecture in Lower College Hall, St Salvator's College, before an audience of over a hundred people. Her lecture, entitled 'Folklore v Fakelore: an imagined conversation with Andrew Lang', was introduced by the Principal, Prof Louise Richardson, and marked one hundred years since the death of Andrew Lang, poet, historian, folklorist and man of letters, who has particular associations with St Andrews and its university, and is buried in the grounds of St Andrews cathedral. Jane Yolen was the first woman to give an Andrew Lang Lecture.

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Poet Douglas Dunn in interview with Robert Crawford

Douglas talks about his life, work, friendship with Philip Larkin, love of jazz, Byron, teaching writing at St Andrews, and living in Hull and Dairsie.


Researchers from the School of English talking about their work

Watch Robert Crawford perform Lachlan Mór MacMhuirich’s ‘Clan Donald’s Call to Battle at Harlaw’ during a Graduation address.