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Miui Watanabe

Education and Experience

Miui received her BA in History and her MA in Medieval Studies at the University of York. She continued her studies as a PhD student at the University of Tokyo, Japan before coming to St Andrews in 2015.

Her thesis examines Middle English romances written in the fourteenth century (as well as one Old Scots text), and how they construct and reflect ideas of a medieval national identity. She hopes to re-evaluate ethnically-driven concepts of medieval nationalism, particularly in their in-applicability to Scotland, and argue that these romances were often involved in a complex process of identity construction based on performative acts of cultural, linguistic, and political group affiliation.

Conference Papers

“Becoming Scottish in Barbour’s Bruce.” Presented at the 15th International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Literature and Language, University of Glasgow, Scotland. 25-28 July 2017.

“Borders of English Identity in Sir Bevis of Hampton.” Presented at the International Courtly Literature Society (British Branch) Conference, St Andrews. 10th - 11th April 2017.

“The Other Within: Scotland and English National Identity in Bevis of Hampton.” Presented at the 15th Biennial Romance in Medieval Britain Conference. University of British Columbia, Vancouver. 16-19 August 2016.

"The Monstrous Other: Hybridity and Identity in Richard Coeur de Lion." Presented at the 30th Congress of The Japan Society for Medieval English Studies. Doshisha University, Kyoto. 6-7 December 2014.

"Mirabilia in History: Functions of the Supernatural in 12th Century Historical Writing in England." Presented at the 17th Congress of the Japan Society for Culture in English. Nihon University, Chiba. 12 September 2014.

Miui Watanabe



PhD Student: Medieval British Romance