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Akihiko Shimizu

Education and Experience

Aki obtained his first degree and MA in English Renaissance Literature from Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. After teaching English at Tokai University Gyosei High School, he studied at the University of York, where he received his second MA in 2008 in Renaissance Literature, 1500-1700. The title of his MA thesis is 'Feigning the Commonwealth: The Poet as Law-giver in Ben Jonson's Poetry'.

Aki is currently working on Ben Jonson, focusing especially on his relationship with contemporary authors from the Inns of Court. His PhD thesis will discuss Jonson's relationship with the culture of the Inns of Court, examining his adaptation of character writing in Epigrams and the representation of legal rhetoric in dramatic works. Aki has delivered several papers on Jonson, including 'Socializing the Text: The Representation of Sociability in Ben Jonson's Epigrams' at The Society of Seventeenth-Century English Literature Japan in 2006.

Akihiko Shimizu



PhD Student