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Lizzie Marshall

Education and Experience

Lizzie received a first class Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Manchester in 2015, and a distinction level Master of Letters degree in Medieval English from the University of St Andrews in 2016. In 2017, she was awarded an AHRC DTP studentship to fund her doctoral work.

Lizzie's doctoral thesis, titled '"The Wolf in the Story": Wolves as violent monsters and speaking humans in Old English literature', explores the wolf's relationship to speech and language in Anglo-Saxon literature, and its reputation as a monstrous, outlawed and violent creature. Using an historicist framework, this research considers these themes through analysis of the cultural context of the animal, in biblical and exegetical literature; classical literature; and Irish, Welsh and Norse analogues.

In 2018, Lizzie completed an SGSAH funded internship at the Scottish Deer Centre, during which time she studied the park's wolf pack and the conservation issues which surround the animal, particularly the importance of the cultural reputation of wolves in issues of reintroduction and management.

'What is a wolf? The power of the cultural icon versus the animal', Reforesting Scotland 58, Winter 2018.

Lizzie Marshall



PhD student: Old English literature