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Doyeeta Majumder

Education and Experience

Doyeeta finished her B.A. (2008) and M.A. (2010) in English Literature from Jadavpur University, Calcutta. She received the University Gold Medal in 2010 for academic excellence. She started her PhD at St Andrews in September 2011, under the supervision of Dr Lorna Hutson. Her research interest lies primarily in Early Modern notions of sovereignty, tyranny and usurpation as they manifest themselves in drama and in juridico-political treatises. She is also interested in 20th century definitions of sovereignty and violence.


Raajpurush’ (Translation of Machiavelli’s Il Principe into Bengali, from the original Italian, published by the Jadavpur University Press in association with University of Naples, 2012). 

Conference papers

‘European Witch-hunt and Sovereign Exception’ at the Marginal Cartographies Conference at the University of Warwick in April 2012.

‘Counselling the counsellors: Sir David Lindsay’s Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits’ at the SINRS Symposium on Renaissance Republicanism at Stirling University in November 2012.

Doyeeta Majumder



PhD student:
Early modern drama