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Patrick Errington

Education and Experience

Patrick is a writer, translator, and researcher from the prairies of Alberta, Canada. At the University of Alberta (graduated 2011), he studied writing with Nobel laureate Derek Walcott and received the Davenport Prize for Poetry. He graduated from Columbia University’s MFA program (2015) in creative writing and literary translation, where he received a Program Scholarship and a Chair’s Fellowship. Recently, Patrick has worked as an assistant to Paul Muldoon, poetry editor of The New Yorker, as the online editor of The Columbia Journal, as a doctoral research and translation assistant, and has taught writing at Columbia University.

He is a recipient of a George Buchanan Scholarship and his current research, under the supervision of Professor John Burnside, is in the field of poetics, examining cognitive metaphor and embodiment theory with regard to how the reading mind is activated by and responds to contemporary poetry.


Selected Poetry: The London Magazine Poetry Contest, First Prize (2016): ‘They Don’t Make Gods for Non-Believers’ | The Iowa Review (2016): ‘This As Something More’ | West Branch (2015): Four Poems | The Flambard International Poetry Prize 2015, Second Prize: Four Poems | The Adroit Journal (2015): Two Poems |Cider Press Review (2015): ‘As White Lies’ | DIAGRAM (2015): ‘Taxidermy in Burning House’ | Antiphon (2015): ‘Accepting Heaven’ | American Literary Review (2015): ‘Theorette of Relativity’ | Punchnel’s (2014): ‘River, Comprehending’

Translations: Le creux de la main (Eng.: The Hollow of the Hand)by PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy (Paris: Éditions l’Âge d’Homme, Forthcoming)

Conference Papers

‘The Body In Mind: Poetry and the Re-Embodiment of Abstract Thought’, in Contemporary Poetry: Thinking & Feeling, Plymouth University, May 2016

Patrick Errington



PhD Student: Contemporary Poetics