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Rosa Campbell

Education and Experience

Rosa received her MPhil in Literatures of the Americas from Trinity College Dublin in 2015 (with Distinction), and prior to that her MA (Hons) in English from St Andrews in 2014. She was awarded the Daniel Rutherford Doctoral Scholarship and the AD Links Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship in 2016 for her PhD at St Andrews.

Her doctoral research is on the women of the New York School of poets – including Barbara Guest, V. R. Bunny Lang, Bernadette Mayer, Anne Waldman, Alice Notley, and Eileen Myles – and is concerned with the intersection between poetry and visual culture, the role of female friendship and collaboration, queer identities and gendered power dynamics, as well as examining the concept of the poetic ‘school’ itself. She is especially interested in the poetics of colour, the relationship between poetry and social media, and the transgressive feminist potential of sidelined women writers to disrupt received notions of the canon.

Rosa is supervised by Professor Don Paterson, and she is also the Managing Editor of The Scores.


Various poems in Ambit, Gutter, MOTE, Icarus, Haverthorn, JoLT, The Oxonian Review, Dead King Magazine, and Queen Mob’s Tea House.

Conference Papers

'The Unfinished': Bunny Lang & the New York School,' presented at the New Work on the New York School symposium, University of Birmingham, 6 July 2018

'Eileen Myles' Transatlantic Tweets: The New York School in the Era of Social Media,' presented at Special Relationships: Poetry Across the Atlantic Since 2000, Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford, 19 May 2017

'Blue Discharge/Lavender Lads: Frank O'Hara vs. the Heteropatriarchy,' presented at Precarious Subjects, Trinity College Dublin, 10 June 2016

Rosa Campbell



PhD student: 20th & 21st century poetry