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Lenore Bell

Education and Experience

Lenore received her BA in English Literature from Amherst College and an MA in English Literature from Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands. Her research interests include Global English, immigration, the Netherlands and the posttraumatic imagination. The research component of her thesis is entitled “If You See Something, Say Something: The Figure of “The Other” in 9/11 Literature.”



“Fighting the Need to be Normal”, forthcoming chapter in “Islam and the West: A Love Story?” from Cambridge Scholars Press

Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN Vol. 6, No 1 (2013): (Im)personal Desires: Pornography, Sexuality  and Social Networks of Desire
Trigger Warnings: Sex Lies and Social Justice Utopia on Tumblr

Spook, Issue 2, 2013  Brooklyn, USA
The Morning After

Stockholm Syndrome: About that offensive Swedish cake

Poecology: Issue 1, 2011 San Francisco, USA
Last Chance to See

Conference Papers

Fear and Anxieties in the 21st Century, Mansfield College, Oxford 2014
Presented on the rise of Tough Mudder and Crossfit as a reaction to September 11, 2001

Embers , Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre  2012
Presented an overview of the current state of depictions of 9/11 in fiction          

Islam and the West: A Love Story? University of Glasgow, 2012
Presented paper on the figure of the terrorist in 9/11 literature

The Post Colonial City, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK 2012
Will present paper on postcolonial tropes in 9/11 literature

The 9/11 Decade: Rethinking Reality, Brighton, UK 2011
Presented paper about recurring themes in post 9/11 literature

Writing Urban Space Conference, Guildford, UK 2010
Presented chapters of Translatie, my novel in progress, and relevant background about the Bijlmer Air Disaster of 1992

Lenore Bell



PhD student:
Depictions of 9/11 in Western Literature