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Toria Anne Johnson

Education and Experience

Toria holds a BA in French and Philosophy from Colgate University (2006), and an MA in English Literature from Washington State University (2009). Her current research explores the relationship between pity and early modern identity construction, and deals primarily with drama and lyric poetry. She is currently at work on a thesis entitled 'Practicing Pity in Early Modern England'. Toria is also an organiser for the upcoming conference entitled ‘Bonds, Lies, and Circumstances: Discourses of Truth-Telling in the Renaissance’, which will be held in St Andrews in 2013.


‘“Hath he not twit”?: Social Media Shakespeare’ in Digital Media in the Literature Classroom (forthcoming, Bedford/St. Martins, 2013).

Conference Papers

‘Forced Feeling: Alternate Circuits of Violation in Titus Andronicus’ (BritGrad, The Shakespeare Institute, 2012)

‘Vision and Community in The Rape of Lucrece’ (Early Modern Senses, Birkbeck, 2011)

‘A “Gentil Herte”: The Problem of Masculine Pity in Renaissance Courtship’ (Shakespeare and Early Modern Emotion, University of Hull, 2011)

‘Being Human in the Renaissance’ (Renaissance Society of America, 2010)

‘The Bard Tweets: Performing the Renaissance on Social Networking Sites’ (British Shakespeare Association, 2009)

‘Sexuality as Sovereign: Rochester's Bastardization of Hobbes's Leviathan’ (Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 2008)

Toria Johnson



PhD student:
Renaissance Drama