Susan's PhD supervision has included work on Virginia Woolf, Hélène Cixous, myth in contemporary women's writing, women and the divine, women's war diaries, and trauma and writing.




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Other Book Publications:
  • General editor with Jane Goldman and editor with Michael Herbert, Virginia Woolf's The Waves, Cambridge University Press, 2011
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  • Editor and translator, White Ink: Interviews on Sex, Text and Politics, Hélène Cixous, Columbia University Press, 2008
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  • Translator, Hélène Cixous: La Chambre de Vera, Black Dog Publishing, 2006
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  • Editor and translator, The Writing Notebooks of Hélène Cixous, Continuum, 2004
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  • Editor, Delighting the Heart: A Notebook by Women Writers, The Women's Press, 1988
  • Editor and translator: Writing Differences, Open University Press and St Martin's New York, 1988
Other Selected Short Publications:
  • 'Painting in Prose' (with Elizabeth Wright), in Making Sense: For an Effective Aesthetics, Lorna Collins and Elizabeth Rush (eds), Peter Lang, 2011
  • 'Q and A with Susan Sellers', in the Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Number 79, Spring 2011
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 Virginia Woolf, The Waves 
 The Cambridge Companion to Virginia Woolf  
 Vanessa and Virginia US edition
 White Ink
 A History of Feminist Literary Criticism
 Hélène Cixous: Live Theory
 The Writing Notebooks of Hélène Cixous
 Myth and Fairy Tale in Contemporary Women's Fiction  
 Hélène Cixous: Authorship, Autobiography and Love
 The Semi-Transparent Envelope
 The Hélène Cixous Reader

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Prof Susan Sellers

Education and Experience

Susan Sellers studied in London and Paris, receiving a DEA from the Sorbonne and a PhD from the University of London. While in Paris she worked closely with leading French feminist writers, particularly Hélène Cixous. She has written several books including Myth and Fairy Tale in Contemporary Women's Writing and Hélène Cixous: Authorship, Autobiography and Love. In 2008 she published Vanessa and Virginia, a fictional account of the sibling rivalry between Virginia Woolf and the painter Vanessa Bell, which has been translated into numerous languages. She is co-editor of the Cambridge University Press edition of Woolf's writing and volume editor of Woolf's novel The Waves.

Research Interests

Susan co-directs the MLitt in Women, Writing and Gender and the MLitt in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture and would be interested in receiving applications for doctoral research in the general areas of women's literary fiction (particularly women's rewritings of canonical texts) and creative writing. She is especially interested in the processes of writing and in writers' drafts, notebooks and diaries.

The Cambridge University Press edition of Virginia Woolf

PhD Supervision

Jess Orr, Zoe Sutherland, Adam Welstead

Professor Susan Sellers

Contact information

Room: NS66 Rm 15
Phone: 2623

Consultation hours:
By appointment

Research Profile on PURE

School role

Head of Modern and Contemporary Research Group

Equality and Diversity Officer

Press Officer