The Old English Martyrology: Edition, Translation and Commentary, Anglo-Saxon Texts 10 (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2013)

reviewed in:

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reviewed in:

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Recent Articles

'Early Mercian Text Production: Authors, Dialects, and Reputations', Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik 77 (2017), 541-58

'Mann and Gender in Old English Prose: A Pilot Study', Neophilologus 101 (2017), 139-58

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I have reviewed for Notes and Queries, Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Medium Ævum, Modern Language Review, Speculum, Anglia, Early Medieval Europe, Review of English Studies, The Medieval Review, Journal of Roman Studies, Francia, Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, Forum for Modern Language Studies, and the Catholic Historical Review.

Conference Papers

I have given research papers in Belfast, Birmingham, Cambridge, Canterbury, Cork, Dublin, Glasgow, Hull, Lampeter, Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester, Oxford, St Andrews, York, Groningen, Leiden, Helsinki, Kalamazoo, New York, Palermo, Tallahassee and Toronto.

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Dr Christine Rauer

Education and Experience

Having received her MA from Leeds and her PhD from Emmanuel College, Cambridge (Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic), Christine Rauer held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and taught at the University of Birmingham, before joining the staff at St Andrews.

Research Interests

Christine Rauer is interested in Old English language and literature, insular Latin literature, hagiography, and the literary history of Anglo-Saxon England (particularly ninth-century literature, the Old English Martyrology and Beowulf). Her current projects include a monograph on source references made by Old English and Anglo-Latin authors, and a survey of lost Anglo-Saxon hagiography. She would welcome further applications from postgraduates interested in any of her research areas.

See also
The Old English Martyrology: An Annotated Bibliography
Fontes Anglo-Saxonici
The Nosebag (Teaching website; St Andrews log-in required)
Old English Core Vocabulary

PhD Supervision

John Gallagher

Christine Rauer

Contact information

Room: Castle House 31
Phone: 2686

Consultation hours:
Mondays 4-5, Wednesdays 11-12

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School role

Director of Teaching