Gill has supervised PhDs on various aspects of crime writing, theories of the body in feminist-science fiction, Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Bowen, gender theory and masculinity studies. She would welcome applications from postgraduates interested in twentieth-century war writing, popular fiction and film, crime writing, sexuality and gender theory.



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Gill has also been guest editor of Clues: A Journal of Detection, Scottish Crime Fiction issue, Vol. 26, No. 2 (2008) More information...

 Literature of the 1940s
 War-Torn Tales
 John Mills and British Cinema
 Ian Rankin's Black and Blue
 Twentieth-Century Crime Fiction
 Feminisms on Edge
 Women's Fiction of the Second World War
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Prof Gill Plain

Education and Experience

Gill Plain received her MA from Cambridge and her PhD from Newcastle for a thesis exploring women writers’ responses to the threat and actuality of the Second World War. This was published as Women’s Fiction of the Second World War: Gender, Power and Resistance (1996). She has continued to work on war writing, and is co-founder of the research network WAR-Net. She has recently completed a literary history, Literature of the 1940s: War, Postwar and ‘Peace’ (2013) and is now developing a project on the literary culture of the postwar period. At St Andrews she teaches twentieth century literature, crime fiction and war writing, and has been director of the MLitt in Women Writing and Gender. She is currently Head of School. 

Research Interests

Gill has research interests in crime fiction, representations of war, gender studies, British culture of the 1940s and 50s, and popular British film, and she welcomes applications from postgraduate students interested in any of these areas. Her publications include Twentieth-Century Crime Fiction: Gender, Sexuality and the Body (Edinburgh, 2001), Ian Rankin’s Black and Blue: A Reader’s Guide (Continuum, 2002) and John Mills and British Cinema: Masculinity, Identity and Nation (Edinburgh, 2006). She is the editor, with Susan Sellers, of A History of Feminist Literary Criticism (Cambridge, 2007). 

PhD Supervision

Lucy Hall, Johanna Laitila, Jonathan Todd

Professor Gill Plain

Contact information

Room: CH 32
Phone: 2671

Consultation hours:
Thursday 4-5pm and Friday 10-11am

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