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Dr Lisa Griffin

Education and Experience

Lisa Griffin received her MA (hons) first class at the University of St Andrews, where she also completed the MLitt in Women, Writing and Gender (with Distinction), and her PhD in 2015. Her thesis explored the representations of boys, men and masculinity in the work of Virginia Woolf. She is currently the AHRC Cultural Engagement Fellow on the project ‘Virginia Woolf & Music: A Concert Series’, led by Dr Emma Sutton, and tutors in the department on subhonours, postgraduate and evening degree modules.

Research Interests

Lisa has research interests in gender, sexuality and critical disability studies, with a focus on twentieth-century literature and culture. She is currently turning her PhD thesis into a monograph entitled Virginia Woolf and Masculinity, and beginning a project exploring the representations of idiocy and intellectual (learning) disability in modern and contemporary fiction and culture, which will understand people labelled “intellectually disabled” as creators and consumers of cultural texts as well as subjects of ambivalent signification at the hands of non-disabled writers.