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Dr Katie Garner

Education and Experience

Katie Garner is a lecturer in nineteenth-century literature. She completed her PhD at Cardiff University and was a Government of Ireland Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Cork from 2013-14. Her first book, Romantic Women Writers and Arthurian Legend: The Quest for Knowledge was published in 2017, and explores how women’s encounters with and imaginative responses to the Arthurian legend were affected by issues of censorship, abridgement, translation, and access to books. She is currently working on an edition of Jane Eyre for Bloomsbury and is the reviews editor for the journal Romanticism.

Research Interests

Katie researches Romantic and Victorian women's writing, particularly women's contributions to the fields of antiquarianism, folklore, and oral history. Her work to date has focussed on women's responses to the Arthurian legend in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, spanning a range of forms including Gothic ballads, satirical fiction, travel writing and scholarship. She also has interests in medievalism in Romantic and Victorian literature more broadly, and in reception history, book history, intertextuality and adaptation. She has written chapters and articles on Mary Wollstonecraft, Anne Bannerman, Louisa Stuart Costello, Charlotte Yonge, and Dinah Mulock Craik. She welcomes enquiries from potential research students in any of the above areas.

Dr Katie Garner

Contact information

Room: 66 North St, Rm 11
Phone: 4029

Consultation hours:
Mondays, 2-4pm

Research Profile on PURE

School role

Equality and Diversity Officer

Subhonours Advisor