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Margaret Connolly

Education and Experience

Margaret Connolly is a Senior Lecturer in Medieval Studies. After completing her MA and PhD degrees at the University of St Andrews, Margaret Connolly took up a lectureship in Medieval and Renaissance English at University College Cork. She was Assistant Dean of Arts there between 1996–1999, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2004. Margaret was also Government of Ireland Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge in 2002–03 and is a life member of that college.

Margaret is a General Editor of the Middle English Texts series published by Winter, Heidelberg. She is also a General Editor of The Mediaeval Journal published by Brepols. She is chair of the advisory board for the Index of Middle English Prose, and on the editorial board of the Journal of the Early Book Society.

Research Interests

Margaret specialises in Middle English language and literature (especially but not exclusively texts written in prose, and works of a devotional or practical nature). Much of her research is informed by the study of medieval texts in their manuscript contexts, which has led her to develop expertise in the fields of palaeography and book history including both scribal production and the use and reception of medieval manuscripts. Other interests are in the editing of Middle English texts and textual criticism; medieval translation; the post-medieval reception of medieval texts, including nineteenth-century Chaucer scholarship; and the development of library collections. She welcomes applications from postgraduates in any of the research areas outlined above.

See also

Dr Margaret Connolly

Contact information

Room: Department of Mediaeval History, 71 South Street, Room 12
Phone: 3319

Consultation hours:
Wednesdays 9-11,
Other times by appointment,
Tuesdays 9-10 DoPGT Surgery

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