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To all incoming Honours students enrolled in English modules in 2017-18

All incoming Honours students enrolled in English modules MUST attend the Advising session in pre-sessional week.

Advising for incoming fourth-year students will take place on:
Tuesday 12th September from 9 am to 5pm in the Watson Room, Kennedy Hall

Advising for incoming third-year students will take place on:
Wednesday 13th September from 9am to 5pm in the Watson Room, Kennedy Hall

We do not make individual appointments in English. So please just come and join the line to see us. Meetings are usually quite brief (5-10 minutes), though we can of course take longer if there are complications in your degree pathway or matters you want to discuss. I also have a couple of office hours open on Monday 11th September (10.30-12.30) if anyone would like to speak to me privately with concerns about their choices. Junior Year Abroad and Junior Semester Abroad students should meet me in the Gateway building, from 1-5 on Monday 11th September as pre-arranged by the university.

It is a legal requirement at university level that we meet advisees face-to-face, so advising cannot be done remotely. A few people have already contacted me saying that they cannot be present from Monday to Wednesday. This is something for which the Pro-Deans very unwillingly grant permission, and only when there are serious reasons (eg. a medical procedure) that prevent attendance at the normal times.

There will be limited opportunities for students with such strong reasons for absence to see Dr Jones on Friday 15th and myself on Tuesday 19th September, in our respective offices. But late advisees should be aware that they are less likely to get their preferred module choices, as popular modules fill up fast.

Dr Sara Lodge

Honours Adviser, School of English