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Advising for incoming Honours students enrolled in English modules (2018-19)

All incoming Honours students enrolled in English modules MUST attend the Advising session in pre-sessional week.

Advising Times

Incoming 4th years [Wed 11 Sept] - Honours advising for 4th years will take place on Wednesday 11th September from 10am to 5pm in Kennedy Hall, Room 301 (Dr Lodge's Office)

Incoming 3rd years [Tues 12 Sept] - Honours advising for 3rd years will take place on Tuesday 12th September from 10am to 5pm in the Barbara Murray Room, Castle House

[Updated 28/8/18]

Visiting International Students

Incoming visiting students from abroad will already have been told that their advising sessions will take place on Monday 10th September in the Gateway: if this is your situation then please attend as previously notified. 

Advising Appointments

We do not make individual appointments for advising in English. Students are simply invited to queue for attention and we will see them in the order in which they present themselves, as swiftly as we can. You may wish to bring a book to read, as the queue can be long, though it usually moves briskly. Advising appointments typically take only 5-10 minutes. You will see either Dr Emma Jones or Dr Sara Lodge: it is immaterial at this stage whether one or other of us is named as your advisor on the Advising Database.


NB. Please bring with you your matriculation card.

In advising you, we are legally registering your attendance at the university, so we need ID. In the rare event that you have no matriculation card, we will need a passport. 

Module Choices

If you are unhappy with the modules into which you have been pre-advised, it is wise to bring a note of some modules you feel you would prefer, in order of preference. Please be aware that although we can almost always take you out of a module you dislike (unless you need it to complete your degree requirements), we cannot always squeeze you into the alternative you would like best. Class sizes are limited to 20, both to ensure optimal learning conditions and to balance teaching workloads. So please try to be patient and flexible. We allocate places as fairly as we can, and hope that over two Honours years (fourth years are given priority) you will be able to take as many of your preferred modules as possible.

Dr Sara Lodge

Honours Adviser, School of English