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In the weeks before your course is due to begin we will contact you by email to begin your online pre-arrival tasks. 

We will contact you with the email addresses you gave us on your application form so please check these accounts regularly over the summer.

If you used the address of an educational agent, please request that they forward any correspondence to you as soon as possible.

Student writing on sand

You will be able to open your University computer account as soon as you receive your unique "username" from the University. This information will be sent to you in your first pre-arrival email along with instructions on how to open your account. The email system we use is called SaintMail.

Please open your account as soon as possible as you will need an active account to:

  • check correspondence with the University before you arrive
  • apply for an identity card (ID card)
  • access our virtual learning environment

You should expect to receive an email with your username and instructions approximately 6 weeks before your course is due to start.

When you have activated your computer account you will be able to apply for a student identity (ID) card for your pre-sessional course.

Your ID card will:

  • provide confirmation that you are a student at the University
  • give you swipe access to many University buildings e.g. 24 hour computing labs
  • function as your Library card

When you have activated your account, upload a jpeg image to the online portal so that your card can be produced before you arrive in St Andrews.

Approximately 2 weeks before you are due to begin your course, ELT will contact you to complete online matriculation. This is a process by which you register yourself with the University. Tasks will include:

  • reading essential information
  • updating personal information e.g. contact addresses
  • reading visa and passport information for UKBA documentation checks
  • signing up to the Matriculation Agreement (University terms and conditions)

Please try to complete as many of the tasks as possible before you arrive.

Moodle is one of the University's virtual learning environments. ELT will invite you to join our Pre-arrival Moodle for incoming students where you will be able to access information on a wide range of topics:

  • preparing for the journey
  • where to report for Orientation
  • accommodation
  • academic culture
  • University services and facilties
  • banking and money matters
  • health and medical services and much more.

You are also encouraged to introduce yourself in the forum and post questions, should you have any. We are delighted to meet you online before you arrive, and will do our utmost to ensure that you are well-informed and confident about beginning your studies with us.