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Pre-sessional courses

ELT currently offers two pre-sessional courses for international students who intend to pursue a degree at the University of St Andrews:

Courses run for 4 or 10 weeks during the July - September period and involve around 20 hours of class time per week, Monday - Friday.

The Pre-sessional may be a condition of your offer but the courses are strongly recommended for all international students so you may better orient yourself with the town and a new culture, as well as to better prepare for your future studies.‌

The broad aim of all courses is to develop your language skills, and more importantly your academic literacy. Each course is designed, where possible, to take into account your particular needs, whether you are a taught or research student, as well as the School you intend to join for your degree programme.

Students will develop:

Attributes (of)Knowledge (of) Skills (of)
1. Reflectiveness 1. Academic literacy (conventions) 1. Critical analysis of texts and data
2. Criticality  2. Discipline-specific conventions 2. Incorporating sources and evidence in academic work
3. Autonomy   3. Institutional services  
4. Confidence 4. Process and form of assessment  
5. Academic Integrity    

The appropriateness, accuracy and fluency in language to engage in/with all of the above which will enable effective participation in a range of academic and non-academic contexts (settings).

reflection in windows