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How to pay fees

Payment of your deposit, further instalment or balance of fees can be made by the following methods:

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Credit card

Bank transfer for international students

The University has partnered with Western Union to allow you to securely send international wire transfers for payment of fees in your local currency. With a bank transfer you have:

  • no fees
  • an online form
  • more favourable exchange rate than credit cards in most cases
  • a quoted rate that stays the same for 3 days, allowing time for the transfer to happen at the same exchange rate

How does the bank transfer payment process work?

  • fill out the online form. Put the amount you are paying next to 'ELT / Foundation Programmes'
  • you will then receive an email confirming the details you need to pass onto the bank, including a reference number
  • contact your bank with these details (by phone or in person)
  • the bank will then transfer the money to Western Union within the your home country and currency

Accurate information ensures that the funds you transfer are allocated promptly to the correct account at the University of St Andrews so you will need your Student Identity (ID) number when you make a payment. This is the 9-digit number that can be found on your offer letter. If payment is made on behalf of a student (by a parent or guardian, for example) the payer will also be required to complete their own information.

Credit card

You can make a payment of fees using your credit card by going to the following web page:

Online payment of fees.  Complete the Student Details section and confirm who is paying the fees (self/agent/parent/etc). Then choose 'ELT / Foundation Programmes' and put in the amount you are paying.

Information for visa applicants (for Foundation students only)

Due to immigration rules regarding Financial Evidence / Maintenance we strongly recommend that you do not pay more than your deposit and further instalment until you have been successful in your visa application.

After you have received your visa, you should pay the balance of your fees. You can do this in two instalments: 50% of the balance is due on or before the start date of your programme and 50% is due on January 1st (for programmes that start in September) or 1st May (for programmes that start in January).

Paying in instalments (for Foundation students only)

When the balance of your fees is due, you can pay this in two instalments.

If your programme starts in September, 50% is due on or before the start date of your programme and 50% is due by January 1st.

If your programme starts in January, 50% is due on or before the start date of your programme and 50% is due by 1st May.