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Secure English Language Test (SELT)

If you are a pre-degree student, you must provide a Secure English Language Test (SELT). This can be either an IELTS (Academic) for UKVI or a Trinity ISE (B2). To find out if you need a SELT or how to take a SELT please see below:

Do I need a SELT for my visa?

IELTS (Academic) for UKVI and Trinity ISE (B2) are Secure English Language Tests. You will require a Secure English Language Test (SELT) for your visa if you are coming to study on a pre-degree programme such as:

  • an International Foundation Programme
  • a Pre-sessional
  • a Pre-Masters programme

Check the minimum English language requirements for these programmes on our Pre-degree page.

If you are coming to study on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme you can use the qualifications listed on the undergraduate or postgraduate pages as evidence of your English language level when you apply to the University and we will use this evidence for your CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Studies), if you need a visa. However, if you are required to attend a pre-sessional course before your degree programme, and you need a Tier 4 student visa, you will require a SELT for your pre-sessional course.

How do I take a SELT?

If you are a pre-degree student (foundation, pre-masters or pre-sessional) and you need a Tier 4 student visa your language evidence must be a Secure English Language Test (SELT). This can be either an IELTS (Academic) for UKVI or a Trinity SELT (B2).

IELTS (Academic) for UKVI

The IELTS for UKVI test can be taken worldwide. To make sure your IELTS test report form is the IELTS for UKVI version you need to:

The content of the test is the same as other IELTS tests but the test report form is different (see image above) and approved by UKVI for visa applications.

Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE)

The Trinity ISE may be taken in the UK and it is valid for Tier 4 visa applications. You can take the test in any Trinity SELT centre in the UK.

Check our minimum English language requirements in these tests on the pre-degree page.

IELTS test report forms

A sample IELTS for UKVI test report is shown below next to a standard IELTS test report. The standard test report is not suitable for visa applications if you are coming to study on a pre-degree programme.

IELTS Certificate Examples, UKVI and non-UKVI