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EAP Conference

ELT has held an EAP conference for teaching professionals for the last five years. We looked at materials in 2013  (Materials for Thought: moving best practice in EAP forward) and innovation in 2014 (Innovation in EAP: the key to the future), assessment in 2015 (Assessment in EAP: what’s the score?), and the balance between language and content (Finding the Balance: Language and Content in EAP) last year. We also hosted a Professional Interest Meeting (PIM) for BALEAP in 2015; Grammar in EAP.

Having reflected on how language/grammar is inextricably linked with expressing and understanding meaning in academic content, in previous years, it seemed appropriate to go beyond grammar this year and look at how cohesive, coherent discourse is achieved. We held our 2017 conference on 25th February, Go with the Flow: coherence and cohesion in EAP discourse. The plenary speaker was Nigel Caplan (University of Delaware), author of Grammar Choices for Graduate and Professional Writers.

The plenary talk was entitled “Tricks of the Academic Writer's Trade: The Language of Cohesion". From a functional perspective, cohesion is not just a tool for organization but the outcome of a complex set of language choices. In this plenary talk, Nigel showed us how teaching students to use the resources of Theme, grammatical metaphor, and reference can result in academic writing that “goes with the flow."

University of St Andrews 

EAP Conference 2017 Plenary and Pre-conference workshop

2017 Nigel Caplan (Plenary) (PDF, 6,055 KB) - Tricks of the Academic Writer's Trade: The Language of Cohesion

2017 Nigel Caplan (Workshop) (PDF, 3,134 KB) - Genres that work in the writing classroom

EAP Conference 2017 Presentations

2017 Neil Allison (PowerPoint, 1,475 KB) - Experimenting on students' written coherence: experimenting an end in itself?

2017 Begoña Bellés-Fortuño (PDF, 995 KB) - Using spoken academic corpora for teacher training courses: an EMI case

2017 Joe Franklin (PDF, 490 KB) - Cultivating coherent writers in the Southampton Writing Centre

2017 Maxine Gillway (PowerPoint, 512 KB) - Feedback: the missing link

2017 Jill Haldane (PowerPoint, 1,194 KB) - Postgraduate Chinese students' response to academic discourse in pre-sessional EAP

2017 Kinga Maior (PowerPoint, 2,602 KB) - Teaching cohesion in written EAP discourse through blended learning

2017 Julie Moore (PowerPoint, 2,810 KB) - Making words work together: vocabulary teaching and lexical cohesion

2017 Chris Nelson (PowerPoint, 753 KB) - There's no Business like Flow Business - cohesion in IMS' academic writing

2017 Walter Nowlan, Carla Grimley and Laura Manzie (PowerPoint, 97 KB) - HyperNew as a paragraph-level cohesive device in argumentative essays

2017 Norbert Schmitt (PowerPoint, 4,693 KB) - Coherence and cohesion in academic discourse: the role of vocabulary

EAP Conference Presentations Archive

Visit the Conference presentations archive to have a look at presentations from previous years and the history of the conference.





Download our digital programme

EAP Conference - Digital Programme 2017 (PDF, 7,422 KB)

Last revised: 24 February 2017 at 15:00.

Conference Timetable

EAP Conference 2017 Timetable (PDF, 4,983 KB)

Last revised: 22 February 2017

Conference Facilitator

Kerry Tavakoli
Phone: +44 (1334) 462255