Brown bag series

The brown bag seminar series is a forum where staff members and visitors to the School can present their work in progress. The seminars serve as a venue for constructive discussion and a place to share ideas at the very frontier of research and at a preliminary stage of development.

Seminars take place in Castlecliffe, F2, on Wednesdays between 1pm and 2pm, unless stated otherwise.

Organiser: Irina Merkurieva

Upcoming talks

Semester 2, 2017-2018

14 February 2018 Radek Stefanski
Alex Trew
The Conquering Virtues of Patience University of St Andrews
07 March 2018 Anton Kolotilin Relational Communication with Transfers UNSW Business School
04 April 2018 Toman Barsbai The economics of family reunification University of St Andrews
11 April 2018 Matthew Knowles TBA University of St Andrews
18 April 2018 Martin Browning TBA University of St Andrews
09 May 2018 Frank Warnock Benchmarking International Portfolio Flows Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia

Archive of previous brown bag meetings

Semester 1, 2017-2018

20 September 2017 Sebastian Braun The New PGT Marking System University of St Andrews
  Margaret Leighton Peer review and feedback University of St Andrews
  Luca Savorelli Digital tools and direct polling University of St Andrews
18 October 2017 Kemal Ozbek Mood-driven Choices and Self-regulation University of St Andrews
1 November 2017 Margaret Leighton Labor Market Returns to College Major Specificity: Now with Data! University of St Andrews
15 November 2017 David Ulph Too much of a Good Thing? University of St Andrews
22 November 2017 Nikolay Chernyshev From Productivity Shifts to Economic Growth: Intersectoral Linkage as an Amplifying Factor University of St Andrews
29 November 2017 Student Support Services Informational Talk University of St Andrews
6 December 2017 Katerina Petrova Robust Inference in the Presence of Distributional Misspecification of VAR Models University of St Andrews
13 December 2017 Radek Stefanski What is in a wedge? Distortions in oil industry. University of St Andrews

Semester 2, 2016-2017

22 February 2017 Nikolay Chernyshev R&D Cyclicality and Composition Effects: A Unifying Approach University of St Andrews
29 March 2017 Nathaniel Throckmorton The Zero Lower Bound and Endogenous Uncertainty College of William and Mary
12 April 2017 Roderick McCrorie Mild explosivity in recent oil prices University of St Andrews
19 April 2017 Oliver de Groot Global vs local methods in the quantitative analysis of open economy models with incomplete markets University of St Andrews
26 April 2017 Min Zhang Is public information good for social learning? University of St Andrews
17 May 2017 Matthew Polisson How Restrictive Is Additive Separability? University of St Andrews
24 May 2017 Gerhard Toews Resource Discoveries, FDI Bonanzas, and Local Development: Evidence from Mozambique University of Oxford

Semester 1, 2016-2017

21 September 2016 George Evans Interest Pegs in New Keynesian Models University of Oregon & St Andrews
12 October 2016 Luc Bridet Groupthink Cycles University of St Andrews
26 October 2016 Paola Manzini Bounded Cognition and Population Choices University of St Andrews
2 November 2016 Margaret Leighton Social Preferences and Female Labor Force Participation in Violence-Stricken Communities University of St Andrews
9 November 2016 Stephen Millard How do shocks and frictions within financial markets affect real economy? Bank of England
23 November 2016 David Ulph Subjective Well-Being, Peer Comparisons, and Optimal Income Taxation   University of St Andrews
30 November 2016 Sebastian Braun Sources of Regional Variation in the Integration of Forced Migrants: Evidence from Post-War Gerrmany  University of St Andrews
7 December 2016 Kemal Ozhan Interest Rate Uncertainty as a Policy Tool University of St Andrews