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Teaching and learning development

St Mary's students

A Review of Teaching in 2007 by a panel composed of external and internal assessors commended St Mary's College for the high quality of its teaching and its support of students.

  • " The quality of undergraduate teaching was of a high standard, a judgement confirmed by the feedback from students, the quality of the student assessed work, the module documentation, the external examiner reports, and the limited observations made by the review team. This is clearly a school where there is a high degree of student satisfaction."

    "Modules were well-designed and often original in their conception and teaching methods. In the case of levels 3 and 4, the modules were often clearly research-led. Innovative use was made by some teachers of WebCT, something which was very favourably remarked upon by students. Teaching quality was further enhanced by the remarkably low Staff Student Ratio and the close contact which this enabled students to have with staff members."

  • "The distance learning provision was particularly worthy of praise. Not only was it innovative in conception and impressively wide-ranging and flexible in its student-intake, but the School demonstrated a mastery both of the technical problems in delivering such teaching over the internet, and of the pastoral and pedagogical problems which distance learners faced. There was, it was felt, scope here for building on the evident success of this course."

  • "The Postgraduate programme was highly impressive. The quality of the facilities provided for research students - particularly in the Roundel - was exemplary, a model for other universities. As a result the School has a flourishing postgraduate community. The scale of recruitment, particularly from overseas, and the consistent ability to attract high-quality applicants provided the School with an enormous asset, in terms of its finances, its wider impact on the theological world, and, more selfishly, as a teaching resource. The training and support provided for PG students who were involved with teaching and marking in the School was exemplary."

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