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Essay competition: The Fraser Prize 2017

The Editorial Board of Theology in Scotland and the Scottish Church Theology Society are pleased to present the Fraser Prize essay competition for 2017, which has an award of £500 for the successful entry.

The aim of the Fraser Prize is to affirm constructive, creative, theological thinking within the wider church in Scotland. The prize is named in honour of Dr Ian Fraser, who has always had in mind the priesthood of all believers and their ability to think theologically.

The essay title, in keeping with the theme of the Scottish Church Theology Society conference in January 2018, is:

What is the significance of modern cosmology for theology today?

Issues which might be covered would include, but are not limited to: the consonance (or otherwise) of the ‘Big Bang’ theory with religious understandings of origins; the challenge (or otherwise) to religious belief of the discovery of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe; the religious implications (if any) of the Anthropic Principle, and of Multiverse theory; the implications (if any) of the ‘heat death’ of the Universe for Christian eschatology.

The Fraser Prize is open to all, but there is a desire to encourage those who may not hitherto have had their work published. Contributions should not have been published elsewhere, since the intention is to publish the prizewinning entry in Theology in Scotland. Entries should be around 4,000 words in length. The final date for submissions is 30th November 2017 and the Fraser Prize winner will be announced in due course. Entries will be assessed by a Reading Panel drawn from the journal Theology in Scotland and the Scottish Church Theology Society.

General enquiries and submissions should be sent to the Editor of Theology in Scotland at the e-mail address given below.

Rev Dr Ian Maxwell (

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