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Andrew B. Torrance

Andrew Torrance is Lecturer in Theology at the University of St Andrews.

His research, teaching, and supervision focus on the following areas: doctrine of creation, science and theology, religious experience, conversion, doctrine of revelation, theology of Søren Kierkegaard, theology of Karl Barth, exegetical theology, hermeneutics, and analytic theology. He is also able to supervise PhD students in other areas of theology.

Prior to becoming a Lecturer at St Andrews, he launched and led the programme Scientists in Congregations Scotland, which was committed to creating a constructive conversation about science and faith in the life of the Church. He has since gone on to launch and co-run the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology, alongside Alan Torrance. 


Ph.D., Theological Studies, University of Otago.

M.Phil., Theological Studies, University of St Andrews.

M.A., Theological Studies, University of St Andrews.


Contracted by Eerdmans to co-write a book with Alan Torrance on Søren Kierkegaard and Karl Barth to be a part of the series of books on ‘Kierkegaard as a Christian thinker’, eds. C. Stephen Evans and Paul Martens (forthcoming).

The Freedom to Become a Christian: A Kierkegaardian Account of Human Transformation in Relationship with God (London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2016).

Edited volumes

With Thomas H. McCall, Christ and the Created Order: Perspectives from Theology, Philosophy, and Science, co-edited, (Grand Rapids: ZondervanAcademic, 2018).

With Thomas H. McCall, Knowing Creation: Perspectives from Theology, Philosophy, and Science, co-edited with Thomas H. McCall, (Grand Rapids: ZondervanAcademic, 2018).

Selected articles and chapters

‘Karl Barth and the Natural Sciences’, in The Blackwell Companion to Karl Barth, ed. George Hunsinger and Keith Johnson (Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming).

‘Creation: By, For, and Before God’, in The T&T Clark Companion to the Theology of Kierkegaard, eds. David J. Gouwens and Aaron Edwards (London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, forthcoming).

‘Creation and Covenant: Karl Barth’s Exegesis of Genesis 2:8-17’, in Karl Barth as Theological Exegete: The Free Word of God and the Science of Biblical Interpretation, ed. Martin Westerholm & Ben Rhodes, (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, forthcoming).

‘Not Knowing Creation’, in Knowing Creation, ed. Thomas McCall and Andrew Torrance (Grand Rapids: ZondervanAcademic, 2018).

‘The Heavenly Things’, in Learn: Understanding Our Faith, ed. Paul Nimmo (Edinburgh: St Andrews Press, 2017).

‘Should a Christian Adopt Methodological Naturalism?’, in Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science, 52(3) (2017).

‘Attending to the Story of Adam, Eve, and The Fall’, in Journal of Analytic Theology, 5(1) (2017), 601-612.

‘Can a Person Prepare to Become a Christian? A Kierkegaardian Response’, in Religious Studies, 53(2) (2017), 199-215.

 ‘A Kierkegaardian Guide to Reading Scripture’, in New Blackfriars, 97(1071), 624-639.

‘Karl Barth on the Irresistible Nature of Grace’, in Journal of Reformed Theology, 10(2) (2016), 103-128.

 ‘Kierkegaard on the Christian Response to the God Who Establishes Kinship with Us in Time’, in Modern Theology, 32(1) (2016), 60-83.

 ‘Beyond Existentialism: Kierkegaard on the Human Relationship with the God Who is Wholly Other’, in International Journal of Systematic Theology, 16(3) (2014), 295-312.

 ‘Do you have the Heart to Come to Faith? A Look at Anti-Climacus’ Reading of Matthew 11.6’, in The Heythrop Journal, 55(5) (2014), 860-870.

‘Climacus and Kierkegaard on the Outward Relationship with God’, in Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook, 19(1) (2014), 167-186.

 ‘John Calvin and James B. Torrance’s Evangelical Vision of Repentance’, in Participatio, Supp. 3 (2014), 116-137.

Recovering the Person: The Crisis of Naturalism and the Theological Insights of Søren Kierkegaard and Karl Barth’, co-authored with Alan Torrance. in Crux, 48(3) (2012), 50-59

Academic grants

£1,584,754 (GBP) from the Templeton Religion Trust to co-run the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology (with Alan Torrance.)

£509,389 (GBP) from the John Templeton Foundation to lead the Scientists in Congregations, Scotland programme (with Ivor Davidson).

$100,000 (USD) from the Blankemeyer Foundation for a new series of James Gregory lectures on Science, Religion, and Human Flourishing (with Judith Wolfe and Eric Priest).

$50,000 (USD) from the John Templeton Foundation for a new series of James Gregory lectures on Science, Religion, and Human Flourishing (with Judith Wolfe and Eric Priest).

$3,500 (USD) for the project, “What is distinctive about Christian conversion?”. This was a part of The Experience Project, run through the University of Notre Dame and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

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