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Institute for Bible, Theology & Hermeneutics

The Institute for Bible, Theology & Hermeneutics was established in 2009 to give formal identity to the long-standing project of research into Scripture and Theology that has been associated with the work at St Mary's School of Divinity (see the inaugural address).

The Institute seeks to overcome the sense of fragmentation within the field of Divinity that burdens many within the Academy, promoting intra-disciplinary conversation between Biblical Studies and the various fields of Theology, thus providing a core identity for a more integrated discipline competent to engage in inter-disciplinary research. With the study of general hermeneutical theory and practice at its centre, it will be outward-looking and keen to engage with issues arising from the contemporary world.

Through its research and the Institute for Bible, Theology and Hermeneutics aims to look at the living text within communities of interpretation, then and now, showing how canonical scripture works to shape as well as fit interpretive communities.


See "Seminars and Workshops" for this semester's events.

Afternoon Symposium: ‘Around Origen: the Scriptures and their Exegesis'
St Mary’s College SCR, 19 June, 2014, 2 pm-6.30 pm.


  • Prof Lewis Ayres (Durham), “From Irenaeus to Origen: Rethinking the Path of Hellenization."
  • Peter Martens (Saint Louis University),  "Origen and the Project of Biblical Scholarship."  (The impetus for the Symposium has come from his book: Origen and Scripture: The Contours of the Exegetical Life [Oxford Early Christian Studies.  2012.  Paberback. May 2014])
  • Afternoon Tea (at 4pm)
  • Prof Christoph Markschies (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin), “Observations and Questions arising from Peter Martens’ work.”
  • Discussion
  • Wine Reception (at 6pm)


Please note that several of the following books represent the published output from conferences hosted by the University of St Andrews prior to the establishment of the Institute of Bible, Theology & Hermeneutics.

  The Gospel of John and Christian Theology

  The Epistle to the Hebrews and Christian Theology

  Isaiah 40-66: Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (Dr. Mark Elliott)

Gen_Ch_Theol N. MacDonald, M.W. Elliott, G. Macaskill (eds.), Genesis and Christian Theology (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2012).


engaging leviticus Engaging Leviticus (Dr. Mark Elliott) for The Blackwell Bible Through the Centuries series.


Galatians and Christian Theology (Baker, forthcoming 2014)


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Director of Institute for Bible, Theology and Hermeneutics

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Dr Scott Hafemann 
Associate Director 
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