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CSRP Members at the University of St Andrews

Professor Mario I. Aguilar (Director, Divinity)

Dr Ian Bradley (Associate Director, Divinity)

Dr John Perry (Associate Director, Divinity)

Dr Eric Stoddart (Associate Director, Divinity)

Dr Ali Ansari (Modern History)

Professor John Anderson (International Relations)

Dr Ignacio Canales-Manns (Management)

Professor James Davila (Divinity)

Professor Philip Esler (Divinity)

Professor Will Fowler (Spanish)

Professor Ray Hinnebusch (International Relations)

Professor Robert Hoyland (Arabic and Middle East Studies)

Dr Chandrika Kaul (Modern History)

Dr Kai Kresse (Social Anthropology)

Dr Anthony Lang (International Relations)

Professor Nicholas Rengger (International Relations)

Dr Gabriella Slomp (International Relations)

Professor Ian Taylor (International Relations)

Updated: 27/08/14

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Prof. Mario I. Aguilar


Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics (CSRP)
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University of St. Andrews
St. Andrews, Fife
KY16 9JU
Scotland, UK

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