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The 2nd St Andrews Graduate Conference for Biblical and Early Christian Studies

Manuscripts and their Texts: Perspectives on Textual Criticism - 8-9 June 2012

St Mary's College, University of St Andrews

This conference has taken place and information retained here for interest only.

With an emphasis on textual criticism, the second St Andrews Graduate Conference for Biblical and Early Christian Studies was aimed at graduate students and early career scholars. Contributors were welcomed from the following fields of research: Old Testament / Hebrew Bible, Pseudepigrapha & Dead Sea Scrolls, New Testament, and Early Christianity.


Friday 8 June 2012

8.30: Morning Coffee (College Hall)

9.00: Johannes Magliano-Tromp, The Meaning of Errors (Lecture Room 2)

Session 1 (Lecture Room 2)

10.00: Joost L. Hagen (Leipzig/Leiden), The Third Letter from Heaven: Sunday observance according to a Coptic manuscript from medieval Christian Nubia

10.30: Laura Quick (Durham), Exodus or Exile? A Comparative Analysis of the use of Scripture in the Community Rule and the Damascus Document

11.00: Coffee/tea (College Hall)

11.30: Andrea Ravasco (Göttingen), Scribal process in Qumran Scrolls: The case of 2Sam 15:1 in 4QSama and 4QSamc

12.00: Lindsey Arielle Askin (Durham), Rewritten Tablets: questioning the use of redaction criticism for Second Temple literature in light of studies in scribal practice, Pseudepigrapha, and Rewritten Bible

12.30: Sandwich lunch break

1.30:Peter M. Head, Using Corrections as a Window onto Scribal Behaviour: Problems and opportunities using P66 as a test-case (Lecture Room 2)

Session 2 (Lecture Room 2)

2.30: Jordan Almanzar (Göttingen), Codex Z in Galatians

3.00: Benjamin Paul Laird (Aberdeen), Early Titles of the Letters of the Pauline Corpus

3.30: Coffee/tea

4.00: Matthew Burgess (Virginia), A Case of Patristic Pluriformity? Romans 5:1 in the Writings of Cyril of Alexandria

4.30: Lonnie Bell (Edinburgh), Every Variant, Every Feature: A Full Investigative Approach to the Study of the Transmission Character Exhibited in Early NT Papyri of the Gospel of John

5.00: Edgar Ebojo (Birmingham), “Ooooopppss, I did it again”: Unintentional Errors and “Material” Errors in P46


Saturday 9 June 2012

8.30: Coffee (College Hall)

9.00: Kristin de Troyer, The Ammonite Wars in Samuel and Chronicles: A Text Critical Look at the Different Texts (Lecture Room 2)

Session 3 (Lecture Room 2)

10.00: James Seth Adcock (St Andrews), How the Book of Jeremiah Has and Will Continue to Influence Theories of Textual Criticism

10.30: Katherine Smith (Baylor), Jephthah’s Daughter: the Hebrew Heroine

11.00: Coffee/tea (College Hall)

11.30: Bradley Marsh Jr (Oxford), Jacob of Edessa’s Use of the Samaritan Pentateuch: Texts from Exodus 1-19

12.00: Drew Longacre (Birmingham), The Many Chronologies of the Genesis Flood Narrative: An Exercise in Evaluating Interrelated Variants

12.30: Sandwich lunch break

1.30: Karla Pollmann, Under the Pruning-Knife: the Bible and Early Christian Textual Criticism (Lecture Room 2)

Session 4 (Lecture Room 2)

2.30: Donatella Tronca (Verona), The manuscripts of Augustine of Hippo’s works in the Cathedral Library of Verona

3.00: Coffee/tea

3.30: Rebekka Schirner (Mainz), Augustine’s attitude towards variant readings of the Bible: the more – the merrier?

4.00: Maegan Gilliland (Edinburgh), Clement of Alexandria: An Early Christian Reader of the Epistle to Titus

4.30: Grant Macaskill, Adam in 2 Enoch and the New Testament: Letting the Manuscripts Speak (Lecture Room 2)

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