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This conference was held in St Andrews, 6-8 September 2010 and the information is retained here for reference purposes.

This conference will provide a forum for careful theological, historical, biblical, philosophical, and literary engagement with five major volumes from David Brown FBA,
the Wardlaw Professor of Theology, Aesthetics, and Culture at the University of
St Andrews:

The ‘fundamental thesis’ underlying all five volumes is that ‘both natural and revealed theology are in crisis, and that the only way out is to give proper attention to the cultural embeddedness of both.’ Responding to the richness of the Christian tradition and undeniable presence of ‘divine generosity’ within more recent art and culture, Professor Brown explores various artistic contributions both within the Christian tradition and outside the Church.

Together, these five volumes offer a prescient account of divine revelation and an experience of God through culture and the arts. This conference will delve into the cumulative significance of Brown’s thesis as developed in these five volumes for a wider and richer theological conversation.

For this conference, each participant has been selected due to their expertise in the themes of the book to which they have been asked to respond and their interest in Brown’s fundamental thesis— ‘the fate of natural and revealed theology.’ Participants represent various Christian confessions, from diverse disciplines, and from across the theological spectrum. The conference will involve chaired sessions of two speakers per text with a summary response from Professor Brown to conclude the event.


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