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Undergraduate Second Level Modules

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Semester 1

Semester 2

Please note that individual courses of study have to be approved by the relevant Faculty and your choice of modules may be restricted by the regulations. If in doubt, please ask for advice.

DI2000 Christian Thought and Practice

20 Credits

Building on the work done in the first year course (DI1001), this module continues working toward a more comprehensive knowledge of topics and issues in systematic theology while beginning to engage students in thinking of practice as integral to theology. It will prepare students for honours level work in theology and theological ethics.

DI2001 Old Testament 2: Wisdom, Psalms, Apocalyptic and Apocryphal Literature

20 Credits

This module continues the study of the Old Testament in DI1003. The history of the period from the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple in 587 till the beginning o Christianity will be covered. The study of the books that emerged in this period will be tied to important life issues, such as identity, hope, home, etc. The following books will be studied within their historical and Biblical context: Chronicles (Kings), Tobit, Judith, Esther, Trito Isaiah, Zach, Haggai, Ezra, Nehemiah, Job, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, Maccabees. In the module the importance of Qumran will be touched upon as well as the concepts of standardization of text and formation of canon.

DI2002 Hebrew 2

20 Credits

This module aims to extend students' skills in reading the Hebrew Bible and in the techniques of textual criticism and of exegesis. It consists of the reading and studying of a selection of Hebrew biblical texts representative of different literary genres such as prose writing and psalms.

DI2003 New Testament 2: Paul and the Epistles

20 Credits


This module covers: (i) the history of the Church in the New Testament period, setting the Christ-movement in its Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts; (ii) study of a Pauline letter; (iii) the theology of the New Testament, including the issue of unity and diversity, and with special attention to monotheism and Christology.

DI2006 The Early and Medieval Church: History, Beliefs and Practices

20 Credits


The first five weeks of this module explore the history, beliefs and practices of the early Christian church from its origins to the end of the fourth century. Topics covered include early Christian worship and forms of ministry, the development of doctrine as the church sought to define orthodoxy in the face of perceived heresies such as Gnosticism and Arianism, the writings of the early Christian apologists and the conversion of Constantine and its consequences. The spread of Christianity is analysed against the background of the Jewish diaspora, Hellenisation and the Roman Empire. Key theologians are introduced, including Irenaeus, Origen and Augustine. The last six weeks of the course provide an outline of key trends in medieval Christianity, focusing on the British Isles. Topics covered include the cult of the saints and their relics, pilgrimage, pastoral care and worship with a brief introduction to the thought of notable medieval theologians. The module concludes with a consideration of key aspects of medieval Christianity on the eve of the reformations of the sixteenth century.

DI2201 New Testament Greek 2

20 Credits

This module will consolidate the basic elements of New Testament Greek taught in DI1005 and will introduce more advanced grammatical and syntactical structures. Through engagement with longer texts from the New Testament, students will build a richer vocabulary and will develop exegetical skills attainable only through contact with the primary text in the original language. Students should attain a high level of competency and confidence in reading the New Testament in Greek, as well as a familiarity with academic debates concerning grammatical/syntactical points of the language. This will facilitate mature and insightful exegetical engagement with New Testament texts.

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