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Honours Modules 2016/17

Transitional Semester 1 modules for Divinity Honours students:

DI3703 Readings in Reformation and Modern Theology

DI3704 Readings in Theological Ethics

DI3711 Readings in the Old Testament

DI3712 Readings in the New Testament

DI3716 Readings in the Greek New Testament

Honours modules on offer in 2016/17:

Semester 1:

DI4015 Communication in Divinity

DI4498 Honours Dissertation

DI4515 Victorian Hymn

DI4526 Christian Mysticism Through the Ages

DI4615 NT Special Topic: Book of Revelation & Apocalyptic Literature

DI4631 Gospel of Mark (Greek Text)

DI4700 Hebrew Prose and Poetry

DI4711 OT Special Topic: Creation and Chaos in the Old Testament and Ancient Near East

DI4750 Themes and Texts in Christian-Buddhist Dialogue

DI4940 Analytic Theology


Semester 2:

DI4511 Church History Special Topic: Thomas Aquinas

DI4628 Epistle to the Hebrews (English Text)

DI4726 Hebrew Readings

DI4731 Ancient Jewish Literature from 1 Enoch to the Mishnah

DI4800 Theology, Spirituality and Pastoral Care

DI4824 Theology in Latin America

DI4937 The Nature of Theology



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