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Undergraduate First Level Modules

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Semester 1

Semester 2

Please note that individual courses of study have to be approved by the relevant Faculty and your choice of modules may be restricted by the regulations. If in doubt, please ask for advice.

DI1001 Theology: Issues and History

20 Credits


This module will address a variety of themes within Christian theology. Each theme will be approached with a view to its biblical roots and historical development, its critical reception and restatement in the modern period, and its significance for contemporary theological reflection. Themes covered will include: The problem of 'God' in the modern world; who is Jesus Christ and what difference does it make?; Trinity, Spirit and community; Diagnosis and cure - models for salvation; Beginnings and endings - the origin and destiny of the world. Through consideration of these themes students will also be introduced to several key figures in the history of theology.

DI1003 Old Testament 1: Torah and Prophets

20 Credits


This module is an introduction to the life, literature and religion of Ancient Israel. It will in particular consider the main literary types of the Old Testament literature, both in order to familiarise students with the traditions used in the Old Testament and to demonstrate how this literature was shaped by religious, social and historical factors. The class will also consider how it came to form the traditional canon of the Hebrew Bible.

DI1004 Hebrew 1: Introduction to Hebrew Language

20 Credits


This module aims to give students a sufficient knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary of Old Testament Hebrew to be able to read and analyse prescribed texts. Grammar and vocabulary will be restricted to the texts we will be reading.

DI1005 New Testament Greek 1

20 Credits


This module equips students with the vocabulary and grammar to translate and analyse the Greek of one New Testament book. The student will be expected to engage with technical commentaries of the Greek text of one New Testament book. The first six weeks will be spent on the grammar and vocabulary. The second part of the module will be spent studying the New Testament book.

DI1006 New Testament 1: Jesus and the Gospels

20 Credits


This module aims to introduce students to New Testament studies in general and to Gospel studies in particular. The general introduction will include consideration of the historical contexts of the New Testament texts, including political, socio-economic and religious factors within the Graeco-Roman world and Early Judaism. The Gospels will then be studied with a view to determining the particular interests of their authors, and with a view to assessing their portraits of Jesus in relation to the historical Jesus. Continuous assessment includes the review of a popular 'historical fiction' novel assigned by the module co-ordinator.-ordinator.

DI1012 Introduction to Practical Theology and Theological Ethics

20 Credits


Practical theology is a rich and diverse discipline that explores how Christian faith is lived in contemporary settings and what people's experiences of practicing their faith say to the theological and biblical traditions. This module introduces students to the work of a number of British and international practical theologians and aims to provide both methodological and conceptual tools for studying the inter-action of Christian expressions of faith and society. It is designed to foster skills of information gathering, critical analysis and reflection and the coherent expression of research and opinion.

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