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Biblical Studies

Dead Sea Scroll fragmentBiblical Studies combines two major fields of study: Old Testament (or the Scriptures of Judaism) and New Testament. A large number of other Jewish and Christian writings from these periods are also included (for example the Dead Sea Scrolls).

In Old Testament the modules focus on the history, religion and culture of Israel, incorporating a wide range of texts from prophetic, hymnic, wisdom and apocalyptic literature.

In New Testament the modules focus on Jesus and the Gospels and the history and theology of early Christianity. They are designed to introduce you to methods of New Testament study and to the context within which Jesus and the New Testament writers lived and you will be helped to explore the theological and ethical issues that characterised early Christianity.

Biblical Studies provides an opportunity to explore in-depth the profound influence that the Christian and Jewish Scriptures have had on Western civilisation. This can be done either by devoting the entire Honours programme to Biblical Studies or by taking a Joint Honours programme which combines Biblical Studies with another approved subject in the Faculty of Arts. For example, the Joint Honours combinations with Ancient History or Classical Studies allow you to study important texts within the wider context of the ancient world from which they originally stemmed. The Joint Honours combination with English opens the door to discovering the way in which biblical ideas and themes have found their way into so much of the literature of the English-speaking world. The biblical texts are normally studied in English, except when combined with a programme in Greek or Hebrew or when these languages are taken as an option earlier in the course.

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Full course details are available in our prospectus: Divinity (PDF, 517 KB) for September 2016 entry.

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