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Studying for a PhD is intellectually demanding and rewarding. The faculty at St Mary's College are committed to supporting you throughout your time with us and our extensive community of research students, now and from years past, stands as testimony to this vital aspect of scholarly activity. Furthermore, the ambience of the University and city of St Andrews contributes immeasurably to the quality of life experienced by those who join us in this corner of Scotland.

We welcome applications from qualified candidates in a wide range of theological and biblical disciplines from around the world. As the thought of undertaking doctoral work can seem daunting and sometimes complex we invite you to contact us with preliminary queries. Your questions may be about us - perhaps the details of research interests held by a potential supervisor.  On the other hand, you may be unsure about the practical arrangements involved in re-locating for a research degree.


St Mary's surrealThe primary research qualification offered by the Faculty of Divinity is the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. Candidates for this degree are initially admitted as research students under General Ordinance No. 12. After the first six months of study they are normally transferred to the Ph.D. ordinance, having shown evidence of satisfactory work.

Each research student is assigned to a supervisor from among the teaching staff of the School. In consultation with that supervisor the student is required to define a topic for research.

During the first year of study guidance is offered in basic research skills and in this connection the satisfactory completion of certain clearly defined research-related tasks is stipulated by the Faculty. Thereafter the student is expected to undertake independent research in consultation with the supervisor.

In certain cases specific classes may be recommended as being useful to the individual student.

Regular participation in advanced or postgraduate seminars is also encouraged.

The Ph.D. programme at St Andrews normally consists of three years of full-time study

Contact details

St Mary's College
The School of Divinity
University of St Andrews
South Street
St Andrews
Fife KY16 9JU
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1334 462850
Fax: +44 (0)1334 462852

Postgraduate Secretaries

Ms Elizabeth O'Keefe & Ms Barbara Fleming
School Office
+44 (0)1334 46 2826

Director of Research Postgraduate Studies (Current Students)

Prof Christoph Schwöbel (from 3 September 2018)
Room H305
+44 (0)1334 462849

Director of Research Postgraduate (Applications / Scholarships)

Prof Mark W Elliott (Semester 1)
Room H104
+44 (0)1334 462825

Prof James Davila (Semester 2)
Room A301
+44 (01)334 46 2834

Director of Taught Postgraduate Studies

Dr TJ Lang
Room T203
+44 (0)1334 46 2828

Distance Learning Officer

Dr TJ Lang (Semeter 1) 
Room T203
+44 (0)1334 462828

Dr Eric Stoddart (Semester 2)
Room A302
+ 44 (0)1334 462841



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