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ITIA summer 2017 art exhibition

Saturday 08 April 2017

The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts is pleased to announce its summer 2017 art exhibition, "The World 'behind' and 'in front of' the Work." The title combines ideas drawn from the work of Richard Viladesau (who suggests that attitudes and ways of seeing enter into an artist’s work and "contain clues as to the ultimate concerns of the artist and/or his age") and Paul Ricoeur (who argues that works of art can explore and open up new ways of being in the world).

ITIA students, faculty, and friends are invited to submit visual art, writing or music inspired by this theme. Both emerging and accomplished artists are encouraged to participate. The works will be exhibited during the month of June 2017 at St Andrews Episcopal Church (aka St Andrews, St Andrews) with an opening reception on the evening of Saturday 3 June.

To spark the creative process, help generate ideas, and discuss the theme, a meeting of the Transept has been planned for Monday 24 April in St Mary's College Hall.

We look forward to celebrating the creativity of the ITIA family and sharing the imagination which infuses the research, study, and teaching of ITIA.

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