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Two St Andrews Fellows in Theology and Science

Sunday 22 January 2017

A warm welcome to Sarah Lane Ritchie and Kevin Nordby, who have joined us as St Andrews Fellows in Theology and Science.

Sarah's research interests include consciousness, divine action, and the God-nature relationship. Her project at St Andrews will focus on the naturalization of consciousness and its implications for the science and theology conversation.

Kevin works primarily on epistemology, perception, and the philosophy of religion. He will investigate how our growing understanding of perception, the mind, and self-knowledge might influence our view of divine-human relations. For example, might our knowledge of the cognitive, affective, and motivational effects of mental illness, addiction, autism, or Alzheimer’s disease illuminate our view of what it is to be a person or what it is to relate to God and others?

For more information on the St Andrews Fellows in Theology and Science programme, led by Dr John Perry, go to

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