WordPress policy

This policy covers all WordPress sites hosted within the University's WordPress multisite installation. All sites within the multisite are found on the domain wp.st-andrews.ac.uk. 

For academics and researchers who require a site for a research centre, institute or project, you may wish to contact research-computing@st-andrews.ac.uk for advice and support. 

1. Purpose

WordPress enables University staff and students to quickly create a website or blog and configure and administer it without needing specialist programming knowledge. Due to the highly configurable nature of WordPress it is essential that there are standards and procedures to ensure that:

  • WordPress (core, themes and plugins) is kept secure;
  • WordPress sites support University business such as teaching and research;
  • there is a good user-centred experience;
  • content is up to date and complies with copyright, Consumer Protection Legislation (CPL), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other legal requirements;
  • there is an efficient process for supporting WordPress sites and owners.