Video standards

This information is for production companies and University staff who are producing videos using the University of St Andrews branding that are to be viewed online.

To assure quality, videos should be made by professional video production companies such as the University's Media Services department.

All videos embedded into an external facing University owned webpage must be signed off by Corporate Communications before being published. 

Creating new video content

Corporate Communications recommends that staff who wish to create new video content for the University website, social media, email communications and digital campaigns use a professional videographer to ensure that the University's video standards are met. As well as Media Services, the University regularly uses two external videography companies to create video content. We strongly recommend using one of the approved videographers as these companies have been briefed on the University's digital standards and have access to up-to-date University branding, existing video content and music licencing for videos. 

If you would like to create new video content, the first step is to complete the Video proposal template (Word) and submit this to Corporate Communications in advance of engaging with any videographer. This form gives Corporate Communications an oversight of all new video content created for the University and allows staff to recommend the best partner to work with. Once this proposal has been accepted, you will be put in touch with the most relevant videographer. You will then be free to work with the videographer to create the new content. 

Once your video content is created, the video should be passed to Corporate Communications before for approval and sign-off before it is launched. Staff in Corporate Communications are happy to help create a launch plan for video content and can provide recommendations on video titles, descriptions and other meta-data in order to have the best online visibility. 

Information about uploading videos to a University video channel is found in the 'how do I get my videos online' section below. 

Visual identity

Technical specifications

Copyright policies and permissions

How do I get my videos online?

The University no longer hosts online videos internally. Videos are now hosted on our YouTube and Vimeo channels and then embedded on the University website where required.

If you require your video to be hosted on an official University of St Andrews channel, please contact with a link to your video file and an appropriate title and description. Titles and descriptions must follow house style.

Which channel your video will be uploaded to depends on the overall quality of the footage and the target audience.

Your video will be hosted on YouTube if it is:

  • Targeted toward prospective students;
  • Targeted toward the general public;
  • Made by a professional team.

Your video will be hosted on Vimeo if it is:

  • For internal audiences (e.g. lectures for staff and students).

Video privacy

Privacy settings on YouTube and Vimeo can be managed to determine who has access to viewing hosted videos.

You may require privacy settings to be applied to your video under the following circumstances:

  • You only want to share the video with a closed group of people;
  • You do not want the general public to view your video.

If you require specific privacy settings applied to your video, please notify when submitting your video for upload.

Further information regarding each platform’s specific privacy settings can be found on YouTube and Vimeo’s support pages.