Social media guidelines

The University of St Andrews wants to develop, broaden and sustain the audiences who engage with the University and the pursuit of knowledge for the common good. Social media is recognised as an opportunity to promote education, research and academic freedom, and to make the St Andrews community and its ideas accessible to the wider world.

The University aims to use social media to inspire, challenge and engage in the following ways:

  • by provoking critical thought and encouraging discussion and debate
  • providing access to sources and information
  • engaging with big societal questions
  • listening to feedback and ideas
  • promoting access to opportunities
  • encouraging online audiences to explore deeper content
  • promoting the values of respect, inclusion, and transparency.

The University of St Andrews uses social media in a variety of ways and has official social media accounts on the following channels:

  • Facebook - used as a community channel for sharing University news, research and events
  • Twitter - used for sharing University news and contributing to online conversations.  
  • Instagram - used for showcasing the St Andrews student experience
  • LinkedIn - used primarily by Development to share alumni news and events
  • YouTube - used to host official University videos for sharing online.

In addition to the official University accounts, many Schools, Departments, professional units, research centres, societies and sports clubs have affiliated social media accounts. These accounts are not managed by Corporate Communications; however, they do represent the University at a public level.

Many people are now using social media as the first point of contact with the University, whether it is to enquire about a course or provide feedback. It is important that any account associated with the University follows the guidelines and advice provided by Corporate Communications to ensure that all accounts are run effectively and provide a positive user experience.

These social media guidelines are designed to provide good practice and to protect staff, students and the University from the risk associated with the use of social media.

Should you have any concerns or questions about using social media you should email