Browsers supported

As the accessibility policy states, we are committed to making our website and web applications as usable as possible, irrespective of browser or platform. However, we also need a baseline of browsers that we actively support and test against.


As a general rule of thumb, the digital pattern library supports the current and previous major desktop releases of 

The latest version of Opera should also work as it shares the same core as Chrome.

Careful attention must also be given to the managed desktop builds created by the IT Services desktops team. In these instances, older browsers may need to be supported in the short term; depending on browser, updates take place between every 14 days and twice a year, with a majority being current to within three months.


The digital pattern library is tested on the following current mobile releases of:



What "support" means

Support does not mean that every browser will display exactly the same thing. There are many variables (device, operating system, browser, screen size, etc.) that influence how a web page is displayed. That is the nature of the web.

Our priorities are availability and accessibility.